(Died 587 AD)
St. Radegunda — also spelled Radegund or Radegundis, or in French, Sainte Radegonde — was a Thuringian princess.
Radegunda was captured about 531 by Chlotar I during an expedition against the Thuringians. She was educated at his court, and, although she is said to have hoped from an early age to be a martyr, she eventually married the king. Her piety and behaviors were such, however, that he complained of having a nun rather than a wife for his queen. Despite her rank, she displayed great humility, tending the poor and the sick.
Gregory of Tours reported in his “History of the Franks” that Chlotar “unjustly” killed Radegunda’s brother. Perhaps this was the occasion for her asking Médard, bishop of Noyon, to allow her to become a nun.
Médard finally agreed, and she entered a convent; later she founded the nunnery of the Holy Cross at Poitiers. It was said that Radegunda performed numerous miracles and that Christ appeared to her a year before her death.
Adapted by A.J. Valentini