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Fifty-five young adults received the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation Thursday, May 19, at Historic Old St. John’s Church in Utica. The teenagers were from five parishes in the city: St. John’s, St. Mary of Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament, St. Anthony-St. Agnes, St. Joseph & St. Patrick and St. Mark’s. Bishop Emeritus Robert Cunningham presided over the ceremony.

Those from our parish who were confirmed are (Confirmation names in italics and sponsors in parenthses):

  • Augustino Augustino Do (Mar Koe)
  • Hey Nay Blu Anastasia Doh (Paw Lar Wah)
  • Giulia Vincenza Fanelli (Gianna Fanelli)
  • Anthony Sebastian Kernan (Kimberly Loughlin)
  • Gianna Angela Lopiccolo (Gina Marie Zegarelli)
  • Angelo Francis Mosca (Joseph Giruzzi)
  • Dragon Irene Nae (Nya Sa Da Lin)
  • Nover Julis Paw (Hser Nae)
  • Ava Victoria Post (Filomena Lystone)
  • Andrew Vincent Scalise (Winnie Judyicki)
  • Lauren Helena Tesak (Jennifer Tesak)
  • Shwe Adeline Zin (Mary Maran)