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Bishop Robert Cunningham confirmed 50 young adults during ceremonies Thursday, May 30, at Historic Old St. John’s Church, including eight from Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament Parish. The following received Sacrament of Confirmation from our parish (Confirmation names are in quotation marks; sponsors follow each individual): Juliana “Francesca” Allen — Faith Barres; Matthew “Christopher” Kernan — Jim Kernan; Sebastian “Peter” Knoop — Steven Soldato; Nobel “Luke” Moon — Pa Sor Wah; Ethan “Turibius” Rosa — Nicole Rivera; Noah “Anthony” Scalzo — Frank Scalzo; He Nay “Andrew” Soe — Paw Lar Wah; and Gabriella “Maria Trunfio” — Kay Custodero. Also pictured is Giana “Victoria” Deno from Mary, Mother of Our Savior Parish. Teenagers from St. John’s, the Spanish Apostolate at St. John’s, St. Mark’s and St. Anthony & St. Agnes also were confirmed.