What makes a good father?

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FATHER'S DAY “What I think is happening is not that men value work less,” author Bruce Linton writes in “Finding Time for Fatherhood: Men’s Concerns as Parents,” “but that fatherhood is becoming equally important. While work was once the only source of meaning for a man, fatherhood and parenting have become as important to his self-esteem as his work.”

A good father must show loyalty, love, respect, patience and passion, says Margaret O’Connell, a Manhattan-based writer.

“He must be man enough to express his nurturing, gentle, caring, creative, intelligent and peace-filled nature freely with his daughters and sons,” she writes.

There’s no denying it: fatherhood today is a tall order.

How to Bring Down a Son

  • Provide him with plenty of free spending money.
  • Permit him to choose his own companions without restraint or direction.
  • Give him a latch-key to allow him to return home at any hour of the night.
  • Make no inquiry as to where and with whom he spends his leisure hours.
  • Give him to understand that manners make a good substitute for morals.
  • Let him expect pay for every act of helpfulness.
  • Let him spend his church-time on the street instead of in church.
  • Be careful never to let him hear you pray.