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Your parish family at Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament is very happy that you have chosen to have your marriage blessed before God within our parish community.

Because you have chosen to celebrate this special moment of your lives in a church setting, only sacred music can be chosen for the wedding ceremony.

This guide will help you to select appropriate music for your wedding ceremony.

Prelude background music

At weddings, prelude music should be instrumental. It sets the mood for the wedding while guests are seated and while they greet each othera. At our church, we have the option of using the grand piano downstairs or the organ or piano in the loft or any combination of these instruments. People are generally too talkative to listen to vocal music at this time. So, instrumental music is best.

Entrance music

There can be three separate entrances at a wedding a service:

  • The entrance of parents / grandparents.
  • The entrance of the bridal party.
  • The entrance of the bride.

These entrances can be separated or combined by the music chosen.

  • Optional parent/grandparent entrance: Vocals can be chosen for parents/ grandparents. One traditional vocal piece for this entrance is the “Ave Maria.” (Sometimes, parents prefer to enter without any attention or fanfare, during prelude)

Bridal party entrance and bride entrance

The bridal party normally enters to a “soft and dreamy” instrumental followed by a brief silence after which the bride enters to a different piece.

The bridal party, however, may also enter to a more triumphant march-like louder piece as well.

At some times, the bridal party and the bride enter to the same piece of music.

The entrance of the bride can be marked with more volume or intensity.

Softer entrances

Louder entrances

Responsorial psalm

Between the first and second readings, the Responsorial Psalm is normally sung. This psalm must be taken from Scripture. Choose from the following options:

Song after the exchange of vows (wedding candle)

Song during Communion

After the exchange of marriage vows, many couples choose to light the wedding candle as a symbol of their unity. During this time, the following pieces are most appropriate. If the choice is made not to light a wedding candle, a shorter version of any of the following songs is still appropriate to sing after the vows are exchanged.

Any of these pieces can be used at Offertory or Communion time also if you are having a full Mass.

Music for Sign of Peace

Any instrumental piece from prelude list.

Recessional music

The organ is best used for recessional music because it provides jubilation and energy. Guests are excited, applauding or speaking at this time, so vocal pieces are discouraged and would not be heard. Check the instrumental music listed below to find which are the most vibrant recessional pieces.

Secular music

Secular acceptable music with generic lyrics about love are suitable for before the wedding service only and not during the service. The lyrics must speak of generic love or love that is sealed by vows or covenant in order to reflect God’s love which is echoed and celebrated in the love of two people.

Pieces such the following, with generic lyrics, can also be used for any of the entrances before Mass.

Other popular or secular music that may be important to the bride or the groom should be used at the wedding reception and not at the wedding service.

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