“The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross”

Parishioner and choir member Susanne Costanza invites you to join in this prayerful event on Good Friday. It features her son Chris as cellist. Sue’s children and family have often brought their beautiful music to our church over the years.

Limited rebroadcasts of the Good Friday 2019 liturgical performance of one of Haydn’s most profound works, “The Seven Last Words of Christ.” In this seven-section work, Haydn is at his most reflective.

Evoking the last hours of Christ’s life, the work’s individual sections carry tempo markings of Largo, Adagio, Lento and Grave. In this performance by the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and as it was written, “The Seven Last Words of Christ on the Cross” was punctuated with readings from the Good Friday service by the Rev. Dr. Tiffany Steinwert, Dean for Religious Life.

Noon Friday: Limited Rebroadcast

5 p.m. Friday: Limited Rebroadcast