Stay tuned: Changes coming to area parishes

In this issue of “More Good News,” we focus on how the Catholic parishes and communities of faith are cooperating in religious education and looking forward to sharing ways to schedule services and utilize buildings to meet the challenges of the present and future.

As our bishop has shared with pastors and priests, deacons and professed religious, as well as parish leadership teams and the blessed faithful, are in many ways, reforming and reshaping how to deal with the realities staring us in the face.

Knowing there is a priest shortage as well as a decline in church attendance, this is not new — we’ve been aware of this for many years. For a good number of years in our area there have been small groups and larger meetings among clusters of our parishes and with officials from the diocese that will lead to some changes in the coming months on the way to spring and summer.

There is a need to condense the Mass services — in some ways during the week and even weekends. Fewer Mass times could happen by rotating churches with more folks gathering at one place, rather than duplicating in multiple places. This is happening now at St. Anthony & St. Agnes on Monday and Tuesday mornings and on Thursday and Friday mornings at Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament. It is good to see more people together as one.

The task of cooperating among parishes regarding Faith Formation for our young people is taking place now, with good results. (See Page 3).

To consider Mass schedules, use of buildings, office staffs and financial resources, this conversation will continue; however. real developments are going to come — probably sooner rather than later.

We will strengthen the fabric of the faith in part of the Lord’s vineyard.