Prayer in honor of St. Joseph

Oh God, you joined St. Joseph to the life of Mary in caring for the child Jesus. Joseph listened to you and to his dreams. He was able to discern the messages you sent to him and he followed your direction throughout his life.

He led his family in holiness and in honest work. He was a good and faithful husband and father. He respected the law and encouraged the well-being of his family and the safety of his home.

He was a prayerful man who gave his life and sacrificed his reputation to respond totally to your will for human salvation.

And so, we honor him today as the Patron of the Universal Church and a personal patron to each of us in our chosen vocation. He is also the patron saint of every human person who wishes to die a happy and blessed death.

Help us to follow St. Joseph’s guidance as we support the church in her work to reveal truth, justice and love. We ask this in the name of Jesus who brings life to all through the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Petitions to St. Joseph

Joseph, model of kindness and care.
Open our hearts with warm compassion.

Joseph, watchful defender of Jesus and Mary.
Strengthen our faithfulness to our families and loved ones.

Joseph, icon of prayer and discernment.
Guide us to find divine direction for our lives and pathways of holiness.

Joseph, man of purity and patience.
Inspire us in the work of unity and reconciliation.

Joseph, craftsman of beauty and diligence in labor.
Help us bring artistry and divine inspiration to all our work.

Joseph, weaver of relationships and wellspring of love and honor.
Deepen our respect for all people that we may build bridges of healing.

Joseph, man of God, and paragon of faith and hope.
Keep our hearts in tune with the heart of God.

Joseph, model of courage and gentleness.
Empower us to be people of integrity and peace.

Joseph, solace of the afflicted and patron of a blessed death.
Give us the gift of a happy life and gratitude for our many blessings. May we be satisfied with the way we have used our time on Earth, and grateful for the many blessings of our life during the time of our dying.

Loving Saint Joseph, hear the prayers and intentions we offer in our silence …

We ask all these things in your name and through the intercession of Blessed Mary. May we be bearers of Christ throughout our livesand disciples of the Church in our world.