PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE: Despite COVID concerns, it’s time to be church again

Last Updated on October 21, 2021 by Editor

We know that famous saying, “Sometimes, you don’t see the forest for the trees.”

It means that we become so wrapped up in the smaller issues or details that we miss the larger and more significant point or message. We miss the big picture.

In these last 19 months or so, dealing with the COVID pandemic, much thought and speculation has been about why some of our Catholic people, individuals and families, have refrained from being present for weekend worship — coming to Mass.

Being church — being present with others before the altar of the Lord, hearing the Word with others and taking part in the “communion” Eucharist with others — this is the source and summit of a full healthy and happy Catholic life.

Just maybe the details and tactics of staying safe and cautious at our community worship has made us forget to remember and see the big picture. Do we miss the forest for the trees?

To be a practicing Catholic person or family allows us to share the wisdom and wealth of more than 2,000 years of faith tradition and a heritage that encourages personal and social transformation, healing, learning and the gifts that flow from sacramental life.

Being church, especially on the weekend, can be so helpful in satisfying a person’s deepest needs and spiritual yearnings.

Of course, we take precautions these days and encourage things that might block COVID, but the big message remains so true — be the CHURCH.