Church break-in minor; campus under constant surveillance

Last Updated on April 18, 2023 by Editor

You may have heard that there was a burglary at our church this weekend.

Unfortunately, the report on local news was exaggerated — the weekend collection was NOT stolen. We are very careful with the donations of our parishioners and guard them with the utmost caution.

A candle stand lock was broken and not more than $10 taken. We are blessed to have a 24-hour camera surveillance system in all of our buildings and on every part of our property. We were able to get several pictures of the thief and he was quickly apprehended soon after we realized what had happened.

Unfortunately, these incidents are more and more common in all churches and in many public places. Please know that we are very secure. We are lucky to have invested a lot in our parish security and we pay to keep it maintained.

There is no reason for any alarm. Let us keep in prayer those who from our area are victimized by poverty, need and addiction, and let us ask God to bless them.