NEXT GENERATION: From dancing to sports, Kennedy multifaceted

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Kennedy Crouse is a busy 13-year-old. She dances, plays soccer, sings and loves helping out in the parish at the festival and as an altar server. Someone so young, however, looks up to someone of another generation for inspiration.

You’re heading into eighth grade at John F. Kennedy Middle School. What are you looking forward to in your final year before heading off to high school?

The semi-formal.

What’s your favorite subject in school?

Health, because I want to become a pharmacist.

What’s your least favorite?

Math – it’s confusing.

You love dancing. How did you get involved with that and why do you do it?

My mom brought me when I was 4 it has become my passion now.

You also participated in spiritual dancing during Holy Week services. Were you nervous and what were you thinking about?

No. I wanted to make everyone enjoy church,

Soccer is a big sport for you. What’s your favorite part about playing the sport?

Hard work.

Are they any comparisons between dancing and soccer?

You have to try hard at both of them. They are both part of a team. You have to work together to achieve success.

Drawing is another favorite thing you do. What kind of drawing to you do?


What inspires you to draw and what kind of satisfaction do you get from it?

My creativity and what I have achieved.

At Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament, you’re an altar server and work at the festival. Why do you do it?

Mount Carmel is like my second home. I love to help out anyway I can for the church.

What does this parish mean to you and do you hope to volunteer in other areas as you get older?

Church means a lot to me. It gives me time to reflect. I would like to help anyway I can.

Is there someone in your life who has inspired you?

My pops Joe Furgol. He is my grandfather. He always is a supportive person in life and a good role model. He inspired me to go to church and help.

What are your dreams for your future?

To be successful in life.


Age: 13.

School: John F. Kennedy Middle School.

Family: Mom Judy, dad Randy, brother Randy Joe and dog Rufus Joseph.

Things you like to do: Dance, sing, soccer, hanging out with friends.

Favorite book: “Wonder.”

Favorite TV show: “Pretty Little Liars.”

Favorite movie: “Split.”

Favorite musical artist: Shawn Mendes.

Favorite quote: “Keep your head up princess or the crown slips.”