Next Generation: Brother and sister take responsibilities seriously

If you attend the 4:30 Saturday Mass, you know this brother and sister. They are very dedicated to altar serving and participating in other ceremonies, They also help at the festival. Not bad for two people still in their early teens.


You are involved in a lot of sports in school and out — soccer, basketball, baseball and ski club. Why do you love them so much?

I’ve loved sports ever since I was very little. As I have grown older, I have gotten better at the ones I enjoy most.

What is your favorite sport and why?

My favorite sport is baseball. I feel this is where I have the most talent. I love to play with my dad and friends, and to have fun while also taking it seriously.

What kind of experience is it participating with other players from around the area in American Legion baseball?

I played for Clonan Post 1000, located in Chadwicks. It is always fun meeting a new group of kids and getting to play the sport that I love the most.

One of your favorite places to visit is Skaneateles. Why there?

I love Skaneateles for a few reasons. First, because it has many beautiful homes right next to the crystal-clear lake, and local restaurants with great food. Elephant and the Dove is a great Mexican restaurant in town, I highly recommend it! Lastly, Skaneateles has a very calming effect on me. I hope to have a home there some day.

Why do you serve Mass?

I serve to assist in the flow of Mass. I also enjoy training new recruits in the Mass process, just like how I trained my sister. It makes me feel good to see her wanting to help the church.

You also worked at our parish festival. What did you do and how did you like the experience?

I love working at the parish festival. I helped set up tables, chairs and fencing before it started. On Friday, I help my family at the clam booth bagging clams so they are ready to steam as soon as the festival begins. I also help in the café carrying the large totes filled with cookies when they need to be restocked. I worked at the game booth with a couple of friends as well. I really liked the experience mainly because I love talking to people and making new friends.

What have you learned about faith and God and how does it affect your daily life?

I have learned that God can really motivate me to do things, and He can push me to try my best. If I fail, I know that God has my back.

What advice would you give your friends about having faith in God?

I would tell my friends that believing in God can give them an advantage in life in knowing He will always be there.


You are involved in dancing. What or who got you into the activity and why do you like it so much?

My mom first introduced me to dance at a very young age. I love how dance keeps me active and allows me to express myself. I like being with my dance friends who share the same passion.

You like to swim, hang out with friends and travel to Enchanted Forest Water Safari and Virginia Beach. What do you love most about traveling and being outside?

Traveling gives me the opportunity to explore new places, meet new people and most importantly try new food! Kiernan and I have adventurous palates and will eat and try things that most kids our age won’t. Our area gives us so many beautiful places. I think it is a sin not to enjoy them.

Why do you serve Mass?

My brother trained me to serve, and I feel proud to be up there with him. I like serving because I am helping the church.

You also help with religious education classes, dance at the Easter Vigil and work at the church festival. Why do you participate in these areas?

All the activities at church, like helping and serving, make me feel like a part of the church family and I love helping others. Volunteering at church has influenced the person I am by teaching me new things and allowing me to feel safe when I go out of my comfort zone.

What have you learned about faith and God and how does it affect your daily life?

Both my dad and mom are faithful people. They have passed that down to me and my brother, and we hope to keep that faith alive. God impacts my daily life by reminding me to not be scared — that not only will God be with me at the good times, but I know I can count on him through the rough times, too.

What advice would you give your friends about having faith in God?

I would tell my friends to have faith. That if look they hard enough you can see God in action.


  • Age: 14 (15 in November).
  • School: Freshman at Sauquoit Valley High School.
  • School activities: Soccer, basketball, baseball and ski club.
  • Activities outside of school: American Legion baseball.
  • Favorite TV show: “Breaking Bad.”
  • Favorite movie: “The Simpsons Movie.”
  • Favorite music: I mainly like rap and my favorite artist is Drake.


  • Age: 13.
  • School: Eighth grade at Sauquoit Valley Middle School.
  • School activities: Ski club and choir.
  • Activities outside of school: Dance at Dance Works Studio, Acro.
  • Favorite TV show: “Stranger Things.”
  • Favorite movie: ”Moana.”
  • Favorite music: Queen.