NEXT GENERATION: Being twins is something special

Last Updated on January 14, 2020 by Editor

Vincent and Anthony T. are twins. Some of their interests are the same, while others are different. What they both agree on is they have a special connection.

Vincent: Your favorite hobby is arts and crafts, and for a year you have had a Facebook page called “Vincent’s Corner.” What’s the website all about and why did you create it?

Vincent’s Corner is where I bring the community together and show them how to create wreaths and centerpieces and mugs, shirts and many more items, and where I sell the items I create at an affordable cost. The reason I created this Facebook page was to show everyone what I really enjoy doing and what I love to do as my passion in life.

Vincent: How did you become interested in arts and crafts and what are some of your favorite things you have created?

I became interested in arts and crafts from just seeing little things in stores and just thinking to myself, “I can create that,” so I sat down and created things and kept doing it so I can keep getting better and better. Some of the favorite things that I have created were a beach wreath and a couple sunflower centerpieces I made for one of my good friends

Vincent: Another interest is cooking. How did you become interested in working in the kitchen?

I became interested in cooking at a very young age by watching my mom and my grandmother cook 24/7 making everything homemade and by hand.

Anthony: You have played the violin since fourth grade. What got you interested in that instrument and why do you like it so much.

Many things inspired me to play the violin such as listening to music and also singing, too. Singing at St. John’s of East Utica encouraged me as well. It always cheered me up and gave me a sense of joy so I thought if I could sing, maybe I could try an instrument, and seven years later here I am.

Anthony: You’re a bowler on your high school team. How did you get started bowling and what does it mean to be part of a team?

I started bowling at a young age of 5 at Vista Lanes of Yorkville. I bowled there for several years and eventually moved to Pin O Rama lanes of Utica. Now at age 16, I have a high game of 279 and high series of 697; it is good, but there is always room for improvement. A team is many things and it’s very important to work together as a team because you always need to pick up one another. It’s also fun, but when we all bowl extravagantly, it makes me so happy and it is uplifting to be around all of these people who have common goals or interests because it does show what a team truly is.

Anthony: Also at school, you love to act in plays and sing. Why is that so special for you.

Acting is so special to me because it allows me to be someone I’m not and make others joyful and happy.

As twins, do you feel a special connection?

Vincent: Yes. I feel as if I have someone by my side seven days a week no matter what happens.

Anthony: Yes. I feel as if I have someone who I am able to connect with and be with 24/7, and it does make life more enjoyable because no matter what, I have someone there and someone to talk to and enjoy my time with.

You’re currently studying to make your Confirmation. What does that sacrament mean to you.

Vincent: It means to me that I can finally make a bigger and better step into the hands of God and help me understand Him a lot more.

Anthony: Confirmation means a big deal to me because it isn’t just a step toward completing more sacraments, it’s a way of understanding and getting closer to God in our Catholic religion — and not to mention the Faith Formation classes at Mount Carmel aren’t just classes; they are fun and it makes learning the teachings of God just that much more enjoyable.

What does Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament mean to you?

Vincent: It means that I will always have a place to go when I need someone to talk to or just when I need to pray to God about something that may be bothering me or if I just want to talk to Him.

Anthony: It means a lot because our community is very strong here and many people do work very hard to keep the parish up to date and up to our time; however, the church is a symbol of why Utica is so great — the diversity and cultural aspects impact my life and many others around the Central New York area. This parish does mean a great deal of importance of my life.

What do you hope the future holds?

Vincent: I hope that I can graduate high school and college and be able to have and support my family and own a crafting business — and on the side to be a nurse practitioner and go to church once a week.

Anthony: With the near future I hope to graduate in Proctor’s top 10 percent so I am able to receive a free two years of schooling at MVCC as well as hopefully become very successful in medicine and or business. I do hope one day to successfully open either my own practice or business. Many things are positively impacting my life such as family and friends who supports me every step of the way.