St. William’s life was like a telenovela. Born into a prominent 12th century English family, his uncle was next in line for the English throne.
One would assume that this guaranteed a charmed life. It was quite the contrary. He was first nominated to the position of Archbishop of York in 1140, but some of his fellow clerics opposed his elevation and the Archbishop of Canterbury refused to consecrate him. Three years later another bishop consecrated him, but Pope Innocent II disapproved and a new election was ordered. It took 14 years for William to attain the coveted post and upon returning to his city from exile, he was welcomed enthusiastically.
Within two months of assuming his position William was assassinated by poisoning. It is believed it was his administrative assistant was the culprit. but there was never a formal ruling. Following his death many miracles were attributed to his intercession and he was canonized in 1627.
Adapted by A.J. Valentini from