Anthelm was born in the South of France and did not begin his religious career until after a visit to the Carthusian Charterhouse at Portes when he was 30 years old
Only two years past before he became the abbot of Le Grande Chartreuse. In this position he undertook reconstruction of the physical facility, united and standardized the rules of the various charterhouses of the order and allowed women to enter their own charterhouses.
For a brief time he led the life of a hermit but rejoined Le Grande Chartruse in 1152 to defend Pope Alexander III against the antipope Victor IV. Against his protestation, the pope appointed him bishop of Belley in France.
He ran a tight campaign to reform the clergy and champion Catholic values of the time, even excommunicating Count Humbert of Maurienne for his treatment of the clergy.
Though he was to go to England to mediate the rift between Henry II and Thomas Becket, he was unable to do so. He spent the last years of his life caring for the poor and lepers. As he lay dying, Count Humbert came to him for forgiveness.
Adapted by A.J. Valentini from Catholic Online.