St. Emily is the founder of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Assumption. She is recognized for introducing a new level of dedication for the poorest of the poor.
Her mission, together with a few companions, began modestly in 1832 in Gaillac, France. Encouraged by the archbishop of Albi, François-Marie de Gauly, her model of personal care through all types of misery and particularly the education of young girls spread far and wide.
For much of her career, Emily worked in the city of Marseille, but before her death she was able to found 42 houses from North Africa to Burma, and today her sisters can be found on five continents. She died in August 1856 and Pope Pius XII canonized Emily on June 17, 1951. Her remains were moved back to her hometown of Gaillac in 1972 for veneration.
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