(c. 1235–1298)
The daughter of King Bela IV of Hungary, Jolenta was sent to Poland to supervise the education of her sister Kunigunde, who was married to the Duke of Poland.
So introduced into the Polish court, Jolenta became the wife of Boleslaaus, the Duke of Greater Poland. Together with her husband, the pair did much good work among the poor, sick, widowed and orphans. They built hospitals, convents and churches.
After Jolenta was widowed, she and the youngest of her three daughters became nuns at the convent of the Poor Clares. She eventually became abbess of a convent to which she fled during a war. She continued her good works there and her fame spread across the land. She was particularly devoted to the Passion of Christ and it is said that Jesus himself appeared to her foretelling her of her death. The faithful attribute many miracles to her intercession right up to the present day.
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