Gallery: 14 children receive their First Holy Communion

On Sunday, April 14, 2024, 14 children received their First Holy Communion with their families and friends in attendance. The children, under the guidance of Terri Panuccio, K-6 Faith Formation director, received the Sacrament of Reconciliation in February and have been preparing for this day for months. The children receiving First Communion are:

  • Liliana Rose Ellis
  • Serafina Marie Gentile
  • Anthony Edward George
  • Audrina Marie Giruzzi
  • Gabriella Michelle Hill
  • Joidon Hpo
  • Layla Madeline Jones
  • Dominick Zau Hkawng Lahtem
  • Sophia Grace Scaramuzzino
  • Charles Tobi Suaung
  • Ethan Hollaran Tartaglia
  • Marco Commisso Vella
  • Tkaw Paw Wah
  • Amalia Faith Whiteley

Photos by Colleen Winschell Photography