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The Story of Peter

St. Peter, the First Pope

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The Untold Truth of St. Peter

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O The Depth

The Love of God

(Eastward Missions)

Song lyrics

The love of God, how strong and deep to me. Twill be my theme through all eternity… The King of Kings, yet Servant Brother Friend. And loving me, with love that has no end.
Oh love of God, a love poured on me freely Twill be my theme, through all eternity. My precious Friend, loves with a love so gentle While holding all the universe in power.
Beyond the deepest human love could know, Beyond the sweetest human voice could tell. Beyond the highest human though could fathom. God’s love remains, unchanging full and deep.
As I behold that love that loved till death. To save one soul, even if that soul was me! Oh touching thought, inspiring me with wonder! My dearest Lord, I just can’t comprehend.
In joy or tears, my Friend you still remain, And I’ll love you, as long as life shall last. Your love, I never ever can repay, But with my strength and youth Lord I’ll love you.

The Great Doxology