The Prayers of Thomas, the Apostle

Lord, you know me so well,
I am realistic,
Always protecting my heart from false hope,
Often falling into pessimism.
And yet, O Lord, I do not struggle to believe.
My heart is filled twin emotions — love and fear.
My love for you cannot reconcile the way you died
My fears multiply remembering the ways I have betrayed you.
And yet you come to me,
Time and again. You unlock the doors of my fear
And open my life to your all encompassing love.
Your silent smile melts me with unending forgiveness-
You offer your warm wounds for me to touch,
Your heart filled with boundless patience,
Your soft words of gentle peace.
You breathe on me.
Whispering new life into me,
You empower me to be all that I am.
You recreate me again and again
And each time, I realize
That your best gift to me
Is my own power to forgive others.
And my heart sinks to the ground in loving surrender;
I fall on my knees,
I know you are the Only Way,
You, my Lord, my God, and my All.   Amen.
Help me O Lord
To abandon my fear,
To recognize your touch, your breath, your call in my life.
Strengthen my will to forgive. Amen

Peace and surrender

The following photos of peace and surrender were submitted by parishioner Albert Gnidica. May they inspire your prayer and fill your soul.
Listen to this instrumental music as you pray

“Spirit Blowing Through Creation”

By Marty Haugen

“Instruments of Peace”

By Marty Haugen