(3rd century)

St. Gatianus was sent to Gaul by Pope Fabian in the year 250 with six other bishops. Upon his arrival there he found a people steeped in paganism.

Gatianus tried to show the people the absurdity of their pagan beliefs and the powerlessness of their idols. Instead he tried to show them the power and bounty of the true God, Jesus, and his Holy Mother.

His successes were many, but so were his many trials. Gatianus frequently preached at peril of his life and suffered greatly as they sometimes tracked him down like a wild animal. He took refuge in nearby caves and often held mass therein for his faithful followers. One of those caves would eventually evolve into the famous Abbey of Marmoutier.

Gatianus trained some of his followers to become priests whom he charged with spreading the light of the Gospel. Eight churches were found in the area of present-day Tours.

His own work took a toll on his physical self but prepared him for his heavenly reward. He dedicated himself to the poor and relieving the suffering of the unfortunate. Gatianus had a hospital built for the unfortunate and it was there after 50 years of service to the Lord that he went on to Glory. It is said that he died with a vision of Christ himself administering to him Holy Communion.

The magnificent Cathedral of Tours is dedicated to the city’s beloved first bishop and patron saint.

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