Au Fond Du Temple Saint

(Bizet’s Friendship Duet from his opera “The Pearl Fishers”)

This performance of the famous friendship duet, ‘From deep within the holy shrine’ (au fond du temple saint) is sung by Robert McPherson and Jacques Imbrailo (English National Opera Co.).

  • Opera Story line: The life-long friendship of Nadir and Zurga has survived their precarious existence on the treacherous seashore. But with the arrival of Leïla, a grave threat to their bond is unveiled. A moving tale of friendship tested by love, The Pearl Fishers is Bizet’s early masterpiece – full of colorful orchestration, evocative choruses and beautiful melodies, including this much-loved friendship duet.
  • The Scripture Connection:  Wisdom (the kind that Solomon prays for) is often described in the Old Testament with female images. Scripture names Wisdom as God’s playmate in the creation of the world.  This duet shows that wisdom is both venerable and elusive – that like a goddess, Wisdom can bring others to deep reverence and enemies together in harmony. This lovely duet reminds us of the power that such Wisdom can have in our world today. This duet inspires holy prayer and the acknowledgement that Wisdom that can bring about “an understanding heart.”