“This Day We Say Grateful”

It is a strange thing to be so bound
and so released all in the same moment,
to feel the heart open wide and wider still
even as it turns to take its leave.
On this day,
let us say this is simply the way
love moves in its ceaseless spiraling,
turning us toward one another,
then sending us into what waits for us
with arms open wide to us
in welcome and in hope.
On this day,
in this place where you have poured yourself out,
where you have been emptied and filled
and emptied again,
may you be aware more than ever
of what your heart has opened to here,
what it has tended and welcomed here,
where it has broken in love and in grief,
where it has given and received blessing
in the unfathomable mystery
that moves us, undoes us, and remakes us finally for joy.
This day may you know this joy in full measure.
This day may you know this blessing
that gathers you in and sends you forth
but will not forget you.
O hear us as this day we say grace;
this day we say grateful;
this day we say blessing;
this day we release you in God’s keeping
and hold you in gladness and love.

© Jan Richardson

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