(Died 304 AD)

St. Irene was the sister of Sts. Agape and Chionia. They were martyred during the persecutions of the Christians by the Roman emperor Diocletian. They were found to have the Holy Scriptures in their possession. They were ordered to surrender the texts (which they had hidden) but said they would rather burn themselves than have the texts desecrated. They also refused food that had been offered to the Roman gods.

Following her sisters’ martyrdom, Irene was ordered to deny her faith. She also refused to turn over the sacred scriptures to her accusers. As punishment she was sent to a house of prostitution, but she remained unmolested, even after being exposed naked and chained. The angry Roman authorities then executed her by burning her alive as they had done previously with her sisters.

St. Irene is the patron of girls, peace and several municipalities in Italy.

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