Last Updated on October 6, 2021 by Editor

Our church is filled with many beautiful images and symbols of our faith. These images are there to uplift us and to remind us of the long history of God’s love for us.

Our altar and sanctuary are sacred places and should remain simple and unencumbered.

Two or three bouquets of beautiful flowers are just enough to add a personal touch in memory of the deceased to our sacred space. Sometimes, a picture of the deceased is added to the sanctuary behind the altar real near the pulpit.

Please refrain from adding anything more that transforms the beauty of our sacred space into something more secular. Screens, posters, or other secular items or images are not permitted in the front of the church or near the sanctuary space. Collages of the deceased are more appropriate at funeral home wakes. However, they can be used in the gathering space under the choir loft. Other secular type decorations which distract from the sacred dignity of the funeral celebration are not allowed anywhere inside or outside the church.


Our parish is equipped to live stream the funeral / memorial service. This is a viable option to include friends and family who are unable to attend. This service is to be coordinated with the church funeral planner.

The additional cost for this service is $200. A family check must be made payable to the livestream coordinator. This check should given to the funeral home staff who will deliver it to the livestream manager in the choir loft on the day of the service.