PASTOR’S PERSPECTIVE: Look forward, not behind

Last Updated on January 14, 2012 by Editor

Look forward to a new year, not back to past tribulations


While the New Year still is new, I suggest that our resolve and resolution be to act more like a glowing fireplace radiating warmth and light rather than embers almost burnt out. 

This suggestion is for individuals as well as our parish community all taken together.

Some have found it tempting to lose belief in the future. Times are tough for various reasons, but this new year, now unfolding for us – 2012 – has the possibility for so much good and what is blessed. 

Many are discovering, for instance, that we can be happy with less “stuff” and more good times with family and friends. It would be too easy to consider that politics, moral scandals, our nation’s prestige, the economy and even climate change are all getting troublesome – but really, no more or less than any other moment in history. 

We are strong, good and usually have our hearts in the right place.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor and the beginning of the Second World War, Winston Churchill spoke describing the American people saying, “Do not think you have gone this far because you are made of sugar candy.”

Actually, the real “new” resolutions seem to be made as we journey deeper into winter – February and March – when there is time to step back and consider the “whys” of life. Why am I here? What is my purpose in being here? Where am I headed?

Our faith should show us the way in this new year. Feed your faith, and your doubts and timid ways will starve to death.

Our faith tells us that this can be a good and blessed year because more people treasure life than despise it, more would rather heal others than injure them, and more find satisfaction in building up instead of tearing down. 

You see, it’s faith that makes all the difference in the world or in any new year. Let go of what is past history – old grudges, leftover worries and ancient memories.

One of the best suggestions for a new year was spoken by a wise person once: “Don’t put a lingering question mark where God has already put a period. Let the past be past.”