NEXT GENERATION: At age 13, Alana has big plans

Last Updated on January 29, 2017 by Editor

Alana Batson is an ambitious 13-year-old. She loves sports, especially basketball, is a musician, excels in school and volunteers in her parish. That’s just the beginning as she has set high goals for her life.

You play soccer, basketball and softball, and also have run some races. How did you get interested in sports?

I started playing soccer with AYSO at the age of 4. I grew up watching my older cousins play basketball and baseball and wanted to get involved and be on a team. I also started playing T-ball when I was 5 and Biddy Basketball shortly after and became involved with running the Boilermaker youth runs at that time, too.

What’s your favorite sport?

Basketball is my favorite sport to play. I love to play it because all my cousins play and it’s also my favorite sport to watch. Every day I work at it and improve and this grows my love for the sport.

You also are a downhill skier. When did you start skiing and how did you get interested in that?

I started skiing when I was 3 because my mom loves to ski, too. She wanted me to learn so we could enjoy the winter activity together.

Skiing is a lot of fun, but very fast. Do you ever get nervous about traveling so quickly?

Yes, at times it gets difficult, but if you are having fun, you forget about being scared.

You also work out in a Crossfit program. What exactly is that and why do you like it?

Crossfit is a specific fitness program that involves lifting weights and using your own body’s ability for resistance. I like working out at Crossfit because it helps me get stronger for my sports and keeps me healthy.

Do you hope as you get older to keep up with your athletics in high school and college?

Yes, my goal is to play basketball at the college level. I currently play on Whitesboro’s junior varsity basketball team and in an AAU league. I also play soccer and softball for my school.

You’re a musician in the school band and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. What do you enjoy about music?

I play the flute and enjoy being a part of our school band and how great the finished pieces sound at the end of the semester. I feel that music helps me utilize a different part of my brain, which in turn helps me learn more.

What do you like most about school and what do you like the least?

I enjoy seeing my friends in school and learning new things. Some of my favorite classes are physical education, art, science and Spanish. The thing I like least would probably be having too many tests on the same day.

In addition to your busy schedule, you also are an altar server. Why did you want to be a server and what’s your favorite part about being a server?

I serve twice monthly at the 8 a.m. Mass. I wanted to be part of the Mass and wanted to see it from a different perspective. My favorite part of altar serving is being involved in the Mass and the fact that Father Cesta makes it more enjoyable to participate.

Our parish is known for its pizza fritta, and you work at the booth during the festival. Why do you do it and what do you like about it?

I like working the pizza fritta booth so I can be involved with keeping our parish traditions going. It’s hard work, but it’s an honor to make a difference in our parish community.

What does being a parishioner of Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament mean to you?

I like the feeling that our parish family is really like a big family. Everyone helps out and does their part to work together and improve our parish community.

What have you learned about what faith means to you in your young life?

I’ve learned that you need faith to get you through difficult times in your life and to give thanks when good things happen. I enjoy participating in our faith formation classes because there is always more to learn.


Age: 13.

School: Eighth grade at Whitesboro Middle School.

Family: Mom Gina, Dad Jeff, dog Chase.

Favorite TV show: “Dance Moms” and watching basketball.

Favorite movie: “Miracle.”

Favorite book: Alex Morgan’s “Breakaway.”

Favorite musician: I like all different music.

Things you like to do in your spare time: I like to play a lot of different sports. I also like to spend time with my family and play with my dog.