IN THE PEWS: 5 questions with Marge Hanrahan

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This series features people “In the Pews” at Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament that you see every weekend and might want to know a little bit more about.

You grew up in the Laria family that is synonymous with Mount Carmel. What was that like?

Growing up, our parish was always a second home. My parents were heavily involved in so many activities from PTA to festival. It seemed that whenever something was needed, either my Dad and/or my Mother was there.

Dad helped with painting the school during the summer while Mom drove the sisters back and forth when they had to do their grocery shopping. Mom and Dad worked together as a team for PTA events or festival weekend. They always gave of themselves whenever they could.

What did you learn the most from your Mom and Dad?

I would have to say family was always first. God blessed us with a loving family, and I remember my Dad and Mom telling me that your parish is just as important as family. As I reflect back, I can remember them telling me that whatever you do for your church, your doing it for the love of God, never for your own vanity.

You take an active part in serving our parish. Why do you do it and what do you get out of it?

When I was younger, I attended Mass on Sundays and holidays. At that time, I felt that was enough. Besides, my parents were involved in church activities. It wasn’t until I was married with young children that I realized how important it was to teach my children about our faith and prayers. Mom and Dad’s advice was coming through to me.

List the three most important things in your life and why they are important?

God, good health and a loving family. Again, quoting my parents, if you put God in your heart he will always be there for you. He is with my health and family.

The big question: You’re a Yankees fan and your husband likes that other New York team. Not usually a good combination. As Dr. Phil always asks, “How’s that goin’ for ya?”

That is a no-brainer. The Yankees are and will always be No. 1. That other baseball team can only dream about being No. 1. There is no competition.

Marge Hanrahan

Age: 66.

Occupation: Retired.

Education: AAS Degree from Mohawk Valley Community College.

Family: Husband, Ray; children John, Lisa and Kim and their spouses; seven grandchildren.

Favorite book: “Killing Lincoln.”

Favorite movie: I’ve seen many movies that have been favorites of mine, ranging from “Sound of Music” to “The Godfather”saga.

Favorite TV show: Fox News, “Dancing with the Stars.”