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Gathering procedures

The funeral home staff is aware that when there is a casket, Father prefers for family members to enter church behind the casket and pallbearers. Father will bless the body of the deceased at the Baptismal Font and the family will be seated by the funeral home staff.

In the case of cremation, or for a memorial Mass, family members should be seated earlier with no formal procession. If family members or friends are being transported from the funeral home, plan to arrive early, so that all seating can be finished before the scheduled time of the funeral.

Funeral pall placers

The funeral pall is a large white drape placed over the casket at the very beginning of the funeral service. It is a reminder of the baptism of the deceased person. Father says a prayer during the unfolding and the placing of the pall recalling how the baptism is a Christian mark to share in Christ’s life and death. Father uses holy baptismal water as part of the ritual.

The funeral pall may be unfolded and placed by two to six family members (sons, daughters, godchildren or grandchildren) or friends. Tell the church funeral planner the names of who will be doing this and their relationship with the deceased. 

If you decide not to choose pall placers, the funeral home staff will place the pall on the casket.

Offertory gift presenters

After the homily, Eucharistic gifts (bread, wine, water, crucifix, altar linens or single flowers, etc.) may be presented to Father and the servers.

This is an optional practice. It is not mandatory to include gift presenters. It offers an opportunity for family members or important friends to do something special during the liturgy. The funeral home staff will guide the gift presenters at the appropriate time.

You may choose between two to four people. If you need to include others, let the church funeral planner know and arrangements can be made. Please tell the church funeral planner the names of those presenting gifts and their relationship to the deceased.

This option to present Offertory gifts may not be granted by the diocese during high COVID frequency.