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Blessings to the following young parishioners who received their First Holy Communion on Sunday, April 30: Talia Rose Arena, Ronald Luciano Barres Somers, Leyla Ann Betrus, Giovanni Agazio Brescia, Charlee Joan Monica Briggs, Tessa Marie Carcone, Grayson Alexander Fernalld, Brian Anthony Hudson, Santino Sacco Leone, Ja Seng Htoi, Ja Seng Ing, Mila Renee’ Maldonado, Carly Jo Mazza, Patrick Edward Morrissey III, Parker Lynn Paravati, Dominick Anthony Percia, Alex Allan Piperata, June Frances Meh, Natalie Lucia Scaramuzzino, Tressa Marie Scaramuzzino, Hailey James Smith and Salvatore Vincent Spina. (Photos by Deb Chandler, deeTales Photography)