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Novena prayer for an end to the corona virus pandemic

Offered by Bishop Douglas Lucia

O Mary, full of grace, Patroness of this nation and Mother of the Church,

In this time of illness and worldwide need, we seek your intercession for the human family before your Son’s throne of grace and mercy.

We ask for strength in adversity, health in weakness and comfort in sorrow.

Help us, O Blessed Mother, to be filled with confidence and trust in the tender compassion of our God.

Let us not be afraid, like our own St. Marianne Cope, who entrusted her life and ministry among the outcasts of society into the care of our Divine Physician.

Continue to watch over all who are sick as well as those who care for them and give wisdom to all who are seeking cure.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

Intercessory prayers during this time of crisis 

Response to each petition: Help us, O Lord.

  • For all who are suffering in this current outbreak of sickness throughout the world. We especially remember our friends and family in Italy and in all other countries who have been afflicted or incapacitated by the onset of this virus. May they find pathways to healing and the strength needed to cope with the days ahead.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • For scientists, health professionals, public officials, priests and religious, missionaries and members of the military. For all who serve the common good during this difficult and uncertain time. Fill them, O Lord, with courage, wisdom, compassion and understanding as they help us through this crisis. Keep them healthy and safe so that we may be directed in our search for healing and care.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • For strong leadership in our nation and in our world. That fear may be diminished and that good direction may be given. May there be a strong bond of communication and respect shared between nations, cultures and religions so that together we may find viable answers to our current questions and a healing cure for this virus

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • Strengthen our faith and our trust in you, O Lord. Help us to rely on God’s merciful and abundant providence. Fill us with healing and bring peace to those of us who are afraid. Give Pope Francis personal health, strength and wisdom so that he will be able to become a channel of healing for our world.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • For the poor and the homeless. For immigrants, the unemployed, and for all who have no resources at this time to be able to handle this crisis. For the elderly and for those whose health has been compromised. For those in prisons, nursing homes, and homes for the aged. For children who may struggle with the complications of these times. For those who live alone and who are afraid. May our prayer and our generosity hold those who are weak and despairing.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • Give us the strength to be vigilant and kind, to meet this crisis with realism and generosity, to care for ourselves and not forget the needs of others. Give us patience so that we may create new habits for our lives, respect the needs of others, and hold a deep thoughtfulness for any who struggle with the challenges of daily living.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • We pray for all who face death and for those who have died. We pray for all who face uncertainty about their continued health. We pray for those who grieve, May all people find consolation, know the support of others, and have confidence in God’s abiding presence within and around us.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

  • May this be a time of growth for us -in humility, faith and prayer. Though our churches are closed and our community celebrations have been shuttered, may we take time to nourish our faith, continue to pray, and maintain a deeper awareness of the connectedness of all humanity. May we share universal hope  – that as children of the same God, we will all soon rejoice in our resurrection from these times of darkness. May the vision of that day carry us through this time.

We ask: Help us, O Lord.

Coronavirus Intercessory Litany

Please respond: Help Us, O Lord or Deliver Us, O Lord

  • For the Church during this time of world crisis
  • For humanity terrified by fear
  • For the poor facing hunger or thirst
  • For people who are already devastated by war, violence or natural disaster
  • For those who are sick or oppressed by loneliness
  • For those who live where the population is dense or in cramped quarters
  • For doctors, nurses and medical personnel exhausted by the difficulties they are facing
  • For pharmacists, grocery workers, those involved in food and drug production, transportation, delivery and day care who are afraid to work and expose themselves and their families
  • For police and fire fighters who seek strength and courage
  • For leaders and decision makers who bear the weight of having to make decisions
  • For those who are fearful yet keep us informed through media, journalism and reporting
  • For those who research and study under duress for vaccine and cure
  • For the recently unemployed who are beset by anxiety
  • For employers and business owners who have had to let go of employees
  • For those anguishing over the future of their economics, savings and investments
  • For families who struggle with children who do not understand
  • For children deprived of opportunities for growth at this time
  • For students who struggle with new ways to learn and study
  • For parents who struggle to maintain comfort and safety for their families
  • For those who are challenged or abused in relationships or marriage
  • For the aged and all who are unable to be with their loved ones
  • For those in retirement homes or nursing communities who are afraid
  • For veterans and survivors of war and the depression who are brought to be afraid again
  • For those who struggle to find creative ways to keep faith and hope alive
  • For those with compromising conditions who are afraid
  • For those who face death and who struggle with faith
  • For those who need consolation as they grieve the sickness and deaths of others
  • For those who grieve the loss of friend or family member
  • For those who long to be hopeful or find ways to pray
  • For those who are challenged with inner turmoil or other problems
  • For women and families expecting children during this time and single mothers
  • For those who struggle with the concerns of aging parents or friends
  • For those who have planned to marry and begin new lives
  • For those who must wait for ordinations, professions or entrance into religious life
  • For those who must postpone baptism, reconciliation, first reception of Eucharist or anointing of the sick
  • For those in love who are separated from each other
  • For those graduating who seek direction
  • For all denied the celebration of milestones in their lives
  • For all searching for ways to show love and care
  • For those who long to be in community with others
  • For those who thirst to be in churches and with their communities of faith
  • For those who are denied the luxury of computers, social media, and other ways to remain connected with others
  • For prisoners and prison workers
  • For those in the military separated from their loved ones
  • For those worried about friends and family in other parts of the world
  • For Asian Americans who have been shamefully blamed and mistreated
  • For the homeless and all who are marginalized
  • For those afraid for their personal safety and who fear going to hospitals
  • For those undergoing treatments for cancer or other illnesses
  • For those who need physical rehabilitation yet are afraid
  • For those vulnerable to addiction and who seek relief in unhealthy ways
  • For the physically, mentally and emotionally challenged
  • For those who cannot deal with past grief that they carry daily
  • For those whose faith in God has been weakened during this crisis
  • For those who are unable to forgive and who carry anger and judgment
  • For bishops, priests, sisters, religious, and lay ministers who seek ways to strengthen and inspire those in danger of losing faith and hope
  • For philosophers, teachers, authors, poets, artists, musicians, actors and directors who aspire to be messengers of hope
  • For all who wait at borders, who seek asylum, refuge and safety
  • For animals, plants and all creation deprived of needed care
  • For people and causes who are forgotten in our prayer

In these times of trial and confusion, help us O Lord. Deliver us from this  darkness.Bring comfort and strength to your people.Bring wisdom and guidance to those who seek a cure or to help with healing.We implore you, who have always been our strength and refuge,our source of hope and love. We pray all these things in your name, You, who are Lord forever and ever. Amen.