CONFIRMATION: What does it mean to me?

Last Updated on December 20, 2018 by Editor

Bishop Robert Cunningham of the Diocese of Syracuse conferred the Sacrament of Confirmation on 17 young people from our parish on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Prior to that special ceremony, “More Good News” asked the candidates two questions: “What does Confirmation mean for me?” and “What will I do to become a practicing Catholic for the rest of my life?”

Here are their responses:

Isabella Cecilia Adamo

“The Sacrament of Confirmation is a very important step in my faith and in my life. It makes me feel more connected to God and leads me to become a better adult in the church.”

“I will continue to go to Mass on Sundays and sing in the choir. I will also cantor for Mass on occasion.”

David David Chan

“Confirmation means … that I’m committed to my religion and get closer to God.”

“I will go to Mass more often and read (the) Bible. I might go to Bible study camp to learn more about the Bible.”

Joseph Michael DiMasse III

“Giving yourself to God and Jesus; committing yourself to the Catholic Church.”

“Go to church every Sunday, say my prayers, give to people and be the best I can be.”

Nicholas Michael Elacqua

“The Sacrament of Confirmation is an important step in my faith for me. It’s a way for me to become closer to God and to build my faith.”

“I plan on becoming a Eucharistic minister and I will continue playing in the choir loft. I also plan to altar serve for special Masses.”

Antonio Vincent Fanelli

“It means a lot to me because it allows me to get closer to God. I finally become an adult in the church world and it makes my family extremely happy. It helps me get to the next step in life.”

“I will pray for my family and friends for their health and happiness. I will attend church to learn more and more about my religion. I will keep the gifts of the Holy Spirit in mind as I grow into adulthood and further.”

Joseph Joseph LaPaglia

“A transitioning in life of becoming a devout Catholic; committing myself to the Catholic Church.”

“I will attend Mass regularly.”

Austin Luigi McCarthy

“The Sacrament of Confirmation means I can get married in a church when I’m older; also, that I’m committing myself to our church and to the Lord.”

“I will go to church on a regular basis and pray at times of need or just to pray. Also, I will continue to read the Bible.”

Hannah Joan McCarthy

“Confirmation means completing Faith Formation classes but is only one step on a long journey of faith.”

“I will go to church as much as possible. I will also try to help as any many people as possible.”

Shar Kaw Sylvester Moo

“The Sacrament of Confirmation to me is accepting God at another level and helping the community and go to church … and pray for people who are in need. (Also), be part of the Catholic Church and have loyalty.”

“I will do my best to attend Mass every Sunday and help out in the Catholic community as well as I could.”

Lin Thun Sebastian Nya

“The Sacrament of Confirmation means I am committed to the Catholic faith. For me to complete Confirmation is the process of initiation into the Christian community. It will help and be my faith throughout my life.”

“I will attend Mass on Sundays and pray to God for help and forgiveness. I will help others in need and encourage them to attend church.”

Robert Peter Ollerenshaw

“The Sacrament of Confirmation means that I will be able to commit my life to my religion and practice my beliefs.”

“I will attend Mass regularly and try not to swear.”

Antonio Thomas More Ricco

“Confirmation is the continuation of my Catholic faith bringing me closer to reaching all sacraments. I will be able to be fully involved in my church community. It has allowed me to look inward and notice more about myself.”

“I will go to church every Sunday. … I will volunteer within the church to help out the parish.”

Fallon Elizabeth Siniscarco

“The Sacrament of Confirmation is very important to me and it makes me feel closer to God. I want to do God’s will and serve Him by becoming an adult in my parish.”

“I want to continue to altar serve for Holy Week and Christmas and become a Eucharistic minister.”

Russell Gregory Sortino

“The Sacrament of Confirmation means taking the next step to achieving spiritual enlightenment with my faith and being one with my creator as He passes through me on the fateful night of Confirmation.”

“I will make sure to continue going to church and participating in church activities. I love volunteering at the pizza fritta sales.”

Trent Sebastian Thomas

“I can get married in the church and that I also belong to the church. I am also giving myself to the church.”

“I will read the Bible. I will continue to go to church every Sunday and volunteer when I can.”

Trinity Philomena Ward

“Confirmation means becoming closer to God. It is an important step in your faith journey. After someone is confirmed, they are officially an adult in the Catholic Church.”

“I will continue to volunteer with the children in my church. I will also sing in my church and cantor.”

Prie Bee Philip Ya

“What it means for me is moving more forward to your faith.”

“I will attend Mass more and try to understand more about God’s word.”