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Nine students from Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament received the Sacrament of Confirmation Thursday, Aug. 6, 2020 at Historic Old St. John’s Church. Bishop Robert Cunningham officiated. Students from St. Anthony & St. Agnes and Historic Old St. John’s also were confirmed. Here are the candidates from our parish who received the gifts of the Holy Spirit:

  • Kennedy Isabella Crouse. Sponsor: Victoria Guzski.
  • Cinello Joseph DeNigro. Sponsor: Diane DiNigro.
  • Sophia Maria Magdalena Dumoulin. Sponsor: Carol Scampone.
  • Victor Expeditus Leone. Sponsor: Denise Leone.
  • Be Urban Nee. Sponsor: Khun Su.
  • Rosy Cecilia Tah. Sponsor: Rosie Ann.
  • Anthony Francis Testa. Sponsor: Catherine J. Testa.
  • Vincent Matthew Test. Sponsor: Cindy Yero.
  • Mark Joseph VanDeusen. Sponsor: Steve Voce.

These photos are courtesy of Sydney Gape