Junior-Senior High Faith Formation begins Oct. 3 and 4

Classes for the revamped Junior-Senior High Faith Formation program begins from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 3, for the seventh- and eighth-grade classes.

The ninth- and 10th-graders have various courses to choose from for their two-year program leading up to Confirmation. Their classes will be available from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. on Sunday and Monday evenings beginning Oct. 3 and 4.

Please note that Confirmation is a two-year program and usually begins in ninth grade. All students must attend for two years prior to receiving the sacrament unless they attend Notre Dame Junior-Senior High School or another Catholic high school.

For details and to register, contact Anne Elacqua at 315-941-7447 or

Please consider registering your child for our program. Let your family and friends know, too. We would love for them to join us.

Courses for seventh-eighth grade

Year I for 2021-2022 
  • Fall I: Making Decisions
  • Fall II: Becoming Friends
  • Winter: Meeting Jesus
  • Spring I: Seeking Justice
  • Spring II: Dealing with Tough Times
Year II for 2022-2023 
  • Fall I: Learning to Communicate
  • Fall II: Being Catholic
  • Winter: The Bible
  • Spring I: Gathering to Celebrate
  • Spring II: Praying

Courses for ninth-10th grade

  • Fall 2021 Sunday Night: Sacraments
  • Fall 2021 Monday Night: Morality
  • January 2022 Sunday Night: Eucharist
  • Spring 2022 Sunday Night: New Testament
  • Spring 2022 Monday Night: Old Testament
  • Fall 2022 Sunday Night: Me and My Faith
  • Fall 2022 Monday Night: Mission
  • January 2023 Sunday Night: Eucharist
  • Spring 2023 Sunday Night: Old Testament
  • Spring 2022 Monday Night: New Testament