Jim Krisher to speak on how you can see God now; RSVP now

Jim Krisher, director emeritus of the Spiritual Renewal Center and adjunct faculty member in the Religious Studies Department at Le Moyne College, will offer a reflection at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 28, in the Salerno Room.

Reservations are requested. Call Anne Elacqua at 315-941-7447 to reserve your spot.

Do you desire to see God? Sometimes people think this can only happen when we die, but the scriptures and Christian mystics encourage us to recognize all the ways God makes an appearance in our prayer and in our human experience of the world around us.

Krisher’s presentation will invite us to stay attentive to the ways God’s Living Presence is manifested. God desires to be known by us here and now, inviting our response in wonder and love.