Help us connect with older parishioners with early Christmas present

Many of the older members of our parish family are feeling alone and disconnected from church because of they can’t attend Mass due to the pandemic.

There is a way you can help them feel closer to their church and faith.

We have been recording Masses for several months and presenting them on our website and YouTube channel. We soon will be live streaming our 4:30 p.m. Saturday Mass. We also have a number of ways on our website to be closer to your faith.

But if these members of our congregation don’t have a computer or other kinds of electronic devices, they can’t participate virtually.

So, would you consider purchasing a laptop or Chromebook, Facebook Portal, iPad, tablet, Smart TV or another kind of electronic device as an early holiday gift for your older loved ones? An internet connection and some basic training can help them to watch our Masses or to connect with our website for prayers, news, and daily and weekly materials that can help enhance their lives.

Have faith that they still can learn. There are a number of older parishioners who have conquered cyberspace and are having their faith enhanced online.

Think about this idea and pray over it. We hope to be able to better connect with our loved ones whose faith is a treasure for us. Maybe this can be part of your plan?