In an effort to keep our parish church, choir loft and gathered assembly safe during this time of the COVID pandemic, we are making some modifications regarding our music ministry and liturgy planning.
Because singing and the playing of many instruments in public are factors that can cause the spread of COVID, soloists and instrumentalists no longer will be allowed for funerals at our church. Our own organists also are soloists. This policy change is for their safety as well as for the safety of our assembled congregations.
Funeral music no longer will be planned or chosen by the funeral home staff. Peter Elacqua (315- 542-9185) or Anne Elacqua (315-941-7447) will contact family members to plan the funeral liturgy. Peter and Anne are well qualified and very experienced in creating a prayerful, personalized funeral Mass. 
In an effort to ease the burden of grieving families, the selection of scripture readings, readers, people who place the pall (burial cloth), eulogy directions and choice of eulogists also will be coordinated directly with the church through Peter and Anne. A guide for music selections and a guide for funeral reading selections can be found on the parish website at under FUNERAL SERVICE PLANNING.
Funerals will be planned so that people do not remain in church for extended periods of time in order to mitigate the spread of COVID. We have eliminated music at the sign of peace and at post-communion. Eulogies should be shortened if they take place in church. Longer eulogies can be given at the wake, graveside or reception.
Popular, secular or CD music is not appropriate in church for funerals. These pieces can be used during the time of wakes or gravesides. Especially during this time of pandemic, our Catholic rituals should celebrate God’s presence in our lives and God’s love for us.