Almost back to normal: Bishop discontinues most COVID protocols

After careful review of the CDC guidelines and the adoption of the guidelines by New York State, Bishop Douglas Lucia is announcing changes to our COVID protocols for Mass attendance.

Here’s what will happen at Mount Carmel / Blessed Sacrament:

  • All doors will be open to enter and exit.
  • Registration at the doors and temperature checks will be discontinued.
  • If you are FULLY VACCINATED you DO NOT have to wear a mask at Mass.  
  • If you want to wear a mask, you are free to do so.
  • Three sections of pews will be fully open. The pews in front of the St. Joseph altar (far right) will remain open every other row (as they currently are) for those who are NOT VACCINATED or who might have health issues or who are uncomfortable sitting near others. Social distancing in the pews will continue.
  • Offertory procession with gifts of bread and wine will resume.
  • The ushers will resume taking up collections again with baskets.
  • For the distribution of communion, the ushers will let you know when your row will be able to walk up to the minister who will wear a mask to distribute communion. The ministers will be on the left side, middle front, middle at the break and right side. Wine will not be offered.
  • No holy water fonts will be open yet.
  • Bulletins will be in the holders by the doors to take when you leave.
  • Hymnals will be available beginning the weekend of May 29-30.
  • Bishop Lucia also announced the obligation to attend Mass resumes the weekend of June 5-6. It should be noted that anyone who is frail or at risk due to advanced age or medical conditions is always excused from this obligation. Caregivers, too, may have to use prudential judgment about attendance at Mass carefully considering the risk factors involved.
  • Click here to read the bishop’s letter.