When will our churches reopen? Here’s the latest from the diocese

One question on all our minds as restrictions are loosened little by little during this pandemic is, “When will our churches reopen and in what form will it be?”

Here’s the latest from Danielle Cummings, chancellor and director of communications for the Diocese of Syracuse. Also, please watch the video below from Bishop Douglas Lucia.

“We have learned that Governor Cuomo has begun Phase 1 of reopening for the areas of our diocese. The question has been asked, what does this mean for our churches?

“Worship sites do not fall into Phase I. Public gatherings are still restricted. Bishop Lucia has formed a Task Force for the development of parish protocols once we are able to regather. Other protocols and guidelines are being developed for re-entry into our workplaces.

“Once these documents are complete, the protocols will be sent to all diocesan entities. … May we continue to pray for patience and perseverance.”