Video record your Hail Marys by Sunday for our parish’s online rosary

May is the month for our Blessed Mother, and we would like your help to video record the rosary in honor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel that will be available on our parish website to be used in conjunction with the novena prayers.. 

Here is how you can help us. 

Using your cellphone, we would like you to visually record yourself, your children or your family reciting two Hail Marys. We want you to hold your phone in the landscape (horizontal) mode so that they are all the same.

If you use an iPhone, send it via text to David Elacqua, our video editor, at 315-941-8499: if you have any other brand phone, email it to him at

If you are planning to participate, please let David know so we can expect your video for our rosary. This should be a beautiful tribute to Our Blessed Mother.