Volunteers needed to make facemasks to be distributed

Attention all sewers. You have probably seen on the news in recent days that we are having a shortage of face masks. The healthcare workers need proper masks to help them do their jobs on a daily basis.

We have seen that people are now making masks at home to help families, nursing home residents and people who are in need (not for the health care workers). Joann Fabrics in New Hartford is giving out free kits to help you to make them.

We are asking the sewers in our parish to join our team – “Sewn in the Spirit.” We would like you to make masks for us to distribute to places that need our help.

If you would like to participate in the project you can contact Joann Fabrics and it will give you free kits. You simply call them and place an order, then pick up the order and you don’t even have to go in the store.

Many of you might even have material at home. You can use old 100 percent cotton T-shirts for the ties. We have attached instructions below with extra details. There are many of you who might even have material at home and the T-shirt ties gives you another option.

If you are interested in joining our “Sewn in the Spirit” team please let Anne Elacqua know (call 315-941-7447 or email and we can pick up your finished products and make sure that they get to those in need. Thank you for sharing your talents with our community.