Intentions for the week of March 17:

Response to each petition: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • For the Church. Enlighten us with your Spirit in these times of chaos and confusion. Help us to be vessels of holiness.

We ask. Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • For our world. May the homeless find shelter and welcome. May those who have lost hope find fulfillment. May we acknowledge everyone as a holy child of God and end so much separation, prejudice, violence and killing.

We ask: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • For those who live under clouds of fear; who suffer from depression or mental illness’ who live in unsafe communities; who do not believe in God.

We ask: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • For the blessings of Lent. Inspire those who prepare for sacraments and bless all who are on a spiritual journey.

We ask: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • Bring peace to the human family. Guide us to find ways to end hunger, terrorism and war.

We ask: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

  • For our personal needs. For our beloved sick and dying. For all who grieve, and for the prayers we hold in our silence.

We ask: Lord, hear your people’s prayer.

Call to worship

In today’s Gospel, the disciples experience Jesus in his full glory. They are transformed by his holiness. We also can be changed during this Lent when we allow ourselves to be overshadowed by God’s presence.

To the point: During prayer Jesus’ “face changed.” This phrase is biblical language indicating that Jesus himself changed. The transfiguration is a fleeting glimpse of the glory of his risen life. To come to this glory, however, Jesus could not remain on the mountain but had to continue his journey to Jerusalem and the cross. During prayer we, too, encounter God in such a way that we are invited to change. We, too, are emboldened to follow our life journey and embrace the cross. And we, too, will be glorified now and forever.

  • Connecting the Gospel  (Luke 9:28b-36) to the second reading: On the mountain of transfiguration the disciples witnessed the glory of Jesus’ identity as the “chosen Son.” We, too, are destined for glory when Christ                              will “change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body” (second reading).
  • To experience: We often have glimpses of glory: in a remarkable sunset, in the shining face of a delighted child, in the radiant joy of new parents. Like the transfiguration, these glimpses of glory encourage and strengthen us to continue the journey of life toward eternal glory. Even the very old Abraham was asked to count the stars.













                                                    (Mar 16-17, 2019)