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Oscar ‘Two Ten’ Rivera to speak at event for teens

All junior-senior high students are invited to attend the Eastern Region Faith Formation Event at 4 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at Notre Dame Junior-Senior High School. The guest speaker is Oscar “TwoTen” Rivera. All seventh through 12th-grade students are welcome to attend.

According to his website, Oscar Rivera, aka Two Ten , was raised in the inner city of Waterbury, Connecticut, and was taught at an early age how to be a survivor. His method of avoiding the streets and its promises, became the art of Hip Hop. Oscar’s energy and passion for the faith makes his approach: inspirational and real-to-life. 
Oscar is a Franciscan University alum and earned his masters of arts in theology with Saint Leo University in 2015. He takes his knowledge of the faith and inspires the youth, and young adults of today’s culture through his music, talks, retreats and personal testimony. 
He brings a message of hope in times of despair, love during times of hate, and faithfully follow God, no matter the obstacles.  His life has been devoted to the New Evangelization of the Gospel and his upbeat contemporary approach to the good news has made the message easy to understand, follow, and relate to.